At HowHookup, we believe that people want to (and should!) date according to their interests. In other words, when people go out on a date, they want to do things that they actually like to do with people who like to do those things, too. The discerning reader will notice I said interests and things — both plural.

Even if you’re an absolute fanatic about whatever you’re into, you have other interests too. These interests are what separates you from the thousands of other Trekkies/marathon runners/Civil War re-enactors/Sudoku masters/silent film buffs who are looking for love.

Take a look at your profile. Is every picture of you behind the turntables, dancing with a drink in your hand or on your sailboat with the wind in your hair? Did you mention your love of cats or your knowledge of obscure, discontinued snack foods more than once? Then mix it up a bit. Despite what you may think, you are a well-rounded person with many interests. You could mention that one of your cats is named Count Chocula after your all-time favorite supernatural-themed breakfast food. We might be interested to know that, aside from the world’s largest collection of Ecto Cooler, your garage also houses your drum kit, which you’ve been playing since you were 8.

Most successful couples don’t share all of the same interests, but there’s always some overlap. The more of your interests you convey online, the more likely that potential dates will find some common ground. It’s also a lot easier to message someone if you give them fuel to say more than “I don’t know much about the native folk music of Guam, but I’d LOVE to learn!”

Of course, the easiest way to show that you’re a well-rounded person on HowHookup is to post lots and lots of dates. Post exotic food dates, museum dates and craft beer dates. Repost fancy doughnut dates, rock-climbing dates, and movie re-enactment dates. When you post multiple dates, it reflects a wide array of interests and an adventurous spirit. You begin to paint the picture that you are someone who wants to live a full life, which is attractive to singles who are searching for long-term prospects as well as folks who are looking for some fun in the meantime.

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