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How To Flirt Without Saying A Word

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? And another thing about words: actions speak louder than them. So lets ditch the cheesy pick-up lines and start focusing on ways to get attention without out having to make cheesy jokes, or, god forbid, neg someone.

Glamour has come up with 12 Ways To Flirt With Someone Without Saying A Word. Here are a few favorites:

Hand him/her a copy of a book you think they'd like, with all your clever marginalia scribbled inside.

I gasped when I read this tip, because that's exactly how my Great-Grandmother snagged my Great-Grandfather! She was a bubbly girl from Rome, and he was an austere school inspector. To get his attention, she asked him to lend her some books, and then scribbled a bunch of (what she hoped were) intelligent insights in the margins. When she returned the books, however, he was furious at her for writing in them--but I guess he got over it, cause soon after, they got married!


Sure, if you dance with someone, even in a friendly manner, sparks are more likely to fly. But even dancing alone can be a good flirtation move -- because it shows confidence and a sense of fun, both irresistible traits.

Arm Wrestle/Thumb War

What worked on the playground still works as an adult -- any sort of playful contest is a great way to flirt. Seriously, a staring contest of all things helped seal the deal for me not one week ago.

Be really, really good at whatever it is you do — tamale making, number crunching, karaoke.

Talent is undeniably hot -- in any form. If you've got skillz, show them off!

[12 Ways To Flirt Without Saying A Word]

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