Well, THIS is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard: once a summer, MTA rolls out its old R1/9 Trains (aka old-fashioned subway cars) and takes the still operable Independent Lines from Brooklyn to Coney Island.

From the MTA website:

“The day includes exclusive access to the exhibits and store at the Transit Museum. Then, it’s “All Aboard” for a scenic (above and below ground) two-hour ride to Coney Island. Visit the amusement park, take a dip in the ocean, and enjoy all the area has to offer, or stay on the train for additional rides.”

Ok, is this an epic first date or what? Meet in Brooklyn, take an old-fashioned train to Coney Island, ride the Cyclone, eat a few hotdogs, and head back home.

The admission is a little pricey — $50 for non-museum members — but you’re getting a truly unique experience that combines so many essential date elements — activity, “take it to a second location,” and booze (if you have a beer on the boardwalk).

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