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Fill In The Blank: "I Would Date Someone For Their [Material Possession]"

Yesterday, I wrote about how I would date someone for their air conditioner. And then, an astute commenter wrote that while they would never stoop so low as to date someone simply for their air conditioner, they might consider it for someone who had HBO.

[At left is Michael Jackson's cappuccino machine. I would definitely date the person who has this in their possession now.]

So obviously this begets the question: what else would you be willing to date someone for?

Now, we at HowHookup, as cheesy as it sounds, believe in true love. So we are not advocating you give up on finding someone you're compatible with, in favor of someone who will give you full use of their awesome cappuccino machine.

But because sometimes a little frivolity is fun to think about, we asked readers to fill in the blank in the following sentence:

"I would date someone for their _______."

Here are a few of our favorite answers:

"I'd date a guy for his rooftop. No joke. Probably also a Hamptons house, but only if it's his (not a share), and he has private transportation to get there."

"Let's take it further from just HBO to a login and password for HBO Go so I don't even have to be with you when I watch all that programming :). Ideally you don't even change your password when we break up."

"I will especially date you if you work for a TV show I am interested in attending frequently, e.g. Wendy Williams, The Colbert Report."

"A teleportation device. If someone had a reliable, safe time machine that could take me to any place at any time, I would date them."

"An awesome bathroom. Like with a huge bathtub with jets and counter space with ROOM FOR MY THINGS and a toilet that didn't run, constantly, for no reason."

"I'd date someone for their access to awesome events, like the US Open."


"Collection of different brands of Popsicles in their freezer. Hmm, maybe I need to up my standards..."

"A phone with internet access. Yes, I am that lame/poor."

"I'd date someone for their title."

"Health insurance."


"I'd date someone for their clothing discount!"

"Boat...definitely a boat."

"Season tickets to the Yankees."


How would you guys fill in the blank? Let us know in the comments!

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