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How Hookup... Have A Mini Summer Vacation Right Here In The City?

I don't know about you, but the distinct smell of astroturf in the summer brings me right back to my first awkward, dizzying, school vacation crushes. The taste of a syrup-heavy fountain Coke through a waxy, chalky straw. The feeling of my sticky ice-cream hands on the rubber handle of a just-my-height golf club. The sound of a man-made waterfall's pathetic trickle cutting the heavy silence as I breathe, take aim and pray that my shot is impressive enough to steal every teenage girlfriend in Hyannis, MA.

Mini-golf. It's romantic as hell.

Growing up, before we could drink legally and before we were interested in, you know, culture, the putt-putt course was the summer date spot. The flirty competition. The faux-pastoral landscape. The possibility that your date might "need help with her shot," or at least pretend to. For many of us, the mini-golf course is where we first began to hone our dating skills. Now that we're grown up, experienced urbanites who summer in the city, can we ever go back to those more innocent days?

We can, now that Pier 25 mini-golf is open in Tribeca. This riverside putt-putt course is a little classier than what you might remember from middle school, but only a little. They got the snack bar. They got the tiny pencils. But, they've also got a gorgeous view of the river and glistening fountains that are actually more romantic than...filthy.

Plus, there's a legit beach volleyball court. Right in the city! With real sand! I mean, is there any classic date spot that this city doesn't offer its single masses?

So. Wanna go? Click the link below to post this nostalgic, romantic, perfect summertime date.

And check out the slideshow at UrbanDaddy to start getting psyched.

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