They don’t call it the City of Brotherly Love for nuthin’! (That pun didn’t really work but I had to try.) Anyway, looks like the lucky citizens of Philadelphia are having the best sex in the country.

According to Trojan’s 2020 Sex Census, 82% of Philadelphians reported being satisfied with their sex lives, followed closely by 81% of New Yorkers. (Wow, really, New York? You sort of wouldn’t know it.)

As far as who’s having the most sex, that would be the good people of Los Angeles, who are enjoying intercourse at the frequency of 135 rolls in the hay a year. (Philadelphians only have sex an average of 99 times a year, but quality over quantity, people.)

Weirdly, Washington D.C. is the city with the highest amount of people who have been sexually active within the last year.

From this, we can conclude:

Lots of people in D.C. had sex at least once last year, some people in Los Angeles had a whole lot of sex last year, but the people who had sex in Philadelphia had the best sex of all.

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