The winner of our mobile dating contest served to remind us of something important: breakfast dates are awesome. Here’s why you should meet your next date at 8 am instead of 8 pm.

1. It’s Just Quirky Enough

A breakfast date is the perfect date for people who want to break away from their “let’s meet for drinks” dating rut, but don’t want to stray too far from their comfort zone. Waking up early to meet someone for coffee and eggs at a diner is just unusual enough to feel special and fun, but really you’re still just meeting someone at a restaurant for a meal. Sometimes, the simple act of doing something out of the ordinary with someone is enough to create a spark.

2. Easy Conversation Starters

Worried you’ll need something to talk about? Bring a copy of today’s paper! You can easily use the headlines to start a conversation: “Hey, did you hear about _____?” Just make sure it’s nothing too political. You can also talk about what you did last night, and what plans you have for the rest of the day.

3. People Are Cuter In The Morning

This is sort of hard to explain, but, people are just cuter in the morning. Drinking orange juice. Glugging coffee. Spreading butter on their toast. Breakfast is just adorable, you know? Who wouldn’t fall for someone over an English Muffin? It’s also nice to meet people when they’re looking forward to the day, instead of completely drained from it.

4. Fits A Busy Schedule

Some super busy people are hesitant taking chances on dates when their free-time is already so limited. Why waste an evening on a date you may or may not like, when you could spend it with friends you definitely like? A breakfast date is a great low-pressure way to see if you connect with someone. Worst case scenario? You finish your hash browns and get on with your day. Best case scenario? You schedule an evening second date.

5. Time Limit

You know how sometimes a first date can seem like it goes a little too long? A weekday breakfast date has a built-in time limit. If things go poorly, you have an easy excuse to cut things short: work. And if things are going well, a too-short date can heighten the interest for both parties: you’ll both be so excited to schedule the next date.

6. Of Course, If Things Go REALLY Well…

Of course, if this is the best date of your life, and you’re having too much fun to drag yourself to work, you can do what our Mobile Date Contest Winner suggested, and “call in slick.” Playing hookey together will make for a really great “first date story!”

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