One of the (many) dating maxims we fully believe in here at HowHookup is that you can’t trick someone into dating you. Not by “holding out”, not by faking mutual interests, and definitely not by cosmetically altering your profile picture to make yourself look more attractive.

Jezebel ran an article today on surprising a cottage-industry that’s popped up in Russia: photoshopping dating profile pics.

They link to a fascinating website which is all in Russian, and just shows rows and rows and rows of of photoshopped pictures, the most disturbing of which is probably this one:

Disturbing first of all because of how completely the photoshop job has altered her, but also because: is she…in a classroom? Should she really be on a dating site?

Anyway, there are scores and scores of examples where that came from.

We’re pretty sure drastic photoshop jobs like that are a pretty foreign trend, but sometimes self-conscious people will choose photos that aren’t necessarily accurate representations of what they look like. (Cropping, using an old-picture, etc.)

We’re against this, obviously, but not because the person you finally meet in person might be surprised or feel misled by your photo, but because if you use a misleading photo, you’re just making it harder on yourself to find someone who really likes you as you are. And isn’t that what everyone wants, really? Someone to like them as they are, not as some idealized version of themselves?

Remember, the top traits that attract men are 1) sexual chemistry, 2) smile, and 3) kindness. Photoshop won’t help you fake that.


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