We’ve talked about peacocking as a pick-up strategy: a guy will wear outlandish or ridiculous clothing to get a girl’s attention and make himself stand out from the crowd, (much like a peacock with his colorful feathers.) But watch out, girls, there’s a totally different form of peacocking to be wary of.

According to a study by the University of Texas-San Antonio, some men will overspend on a woman, taking her to extravagant places, buying her gifts, etc. This is the financial equivalent of peacocking, and apparently men who do it are usually only interested in “short-term sexual relationships” — in other words, a hook-up.

Financial peacocking totally works in the short term. It’s an easy way for guys to attract the attention of women, and the women, (who after all are only mere mortals) are easily swayed by the promise of flashy gifts and nice restaurants. But this really only works in the short term!

Scientists found that the peacocking men did not exhibit the qualities women look for in a lasting relationship.

So, if you’re looking for a good time, there’s absolutely no harm in finding a peacocking man. But if it’s a longer lasting relationship you’re looking for, find someone who isn’t trying to distract you with expensive things, and who can really impress you with who he is.

Caveat: If you are dating someone extremely rich, for example, Prince Harry, this rule does not apply. He is not peacocking: he is just a prince. Enjoy!