Maybe you’re not looking for a long term relationship. That’s fine. Maybe you’re not even looking for short term dating. Okay. You’re just here to get laid. Cool. There are other sites out there for you. Just Google your intentions and you’ll find a cornucopia of hook up services, ready to click. Please go there now.

For the rest of you, who are looking for soulmate, a bowling partner, or something in between, we’re glad to have you. We also understand that, while you may be on a dating site to go out on dates, you’re interested in sex, too. It’s cool. Everybody is. Sex and dating go hand in hand.

Because we can assume that most people on a dating site are, in fact, interested in having sex at some point, we can safely say that there is absolutely no reason on earth to mention sex in your profile, in a personal message or, (please please please no) in a posted date.

Dating sites are for getting dates. Once you’re on a date, you can feel out the chemistry, the level of trust, the emotional connection or whatever your requirements are, and decide whether or not you’d like to have sex and when.

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