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Vocab Lessons: Have You Ever Cyrano'd For Someone?

Today, I signed my dating life away. After a few months of letting it slip into embarrassing disarray, I decided I wasn't in a position to retain custody of my dating profile, so I changed my password and handed over the reins to my friend Sarah.

Sarah is exactly the type of friend you want to have around in an emergency: she'll come over right away and clean your apartment, organize your schedule, make any necessary phone calls on your behalf, and give you a mini-makeover, all with dazzling efficiency.

45 minutes after I handed over my login info, Sarah had given my HowHookup profile a facelift I hadn't even been aware it needed. She didn't flat out change any of my answers...but rather worded them in a more coquettish way.

The whole thing makes me think of Cyrano De Bergerac: Cyrano writes letters on behalf of the dumb but earnest Christian, who doesn't have the necessary eloquence to woo Roxanne. Sarah is totally cyrano-ing for me.

To Cyrano: verb. To compose a romantic message, email, or text on behalf of a friend.

Sometimes, it's not lack of eloquence that gets in the way of being able to write someone a love letter, or, in this day and age, a quick message. When Sarah writes as me, she's got nothing to lose: her profile answers and messages aren't bridled with the same self-consciousness or caution with which I would respond. A certain amount of detachment, at least in the beginning stages of a correspondence, can be an asset. It's for this reason that I often find myself composing "casual" text responses for my friends: they aren't incapable of writing a text message, but when it matters too much, sometimes friends can just word things better.

Of course, as this is my life and not a sitcom, Sarah won't be able to accompany me on actual dates, whispering lines from behind a potted plant. The interactions will become mine, and this will have to happen sooner rather than later.

But as long as the sentiments are my own, there's no harm in having my friend help me express them better, right?

Have you guys ever cyrano'd for a friend, or been cyrano'd? Is this actually just as deceptive as photoshopping a profile picture? Let us know what you think!

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