Yesterday, after the post on sex etiquette, HowHookup columnist Joy Engel found me on GChat and asked: “Do you make the bed?”

Joy: Do you make the bed?

Me: Like… own bed?

Joy: If you are at his house, and he gets up and takes a shower, and you’re getting up, do you make the bed, fold his clothes, etc?

Me: Huh. No, I don’t. But that’s nice.

Joy: I do. And if I used a glass, and he says to “leave it”, but then goes to work or something, I’ll wash it.

Me: Huh!

I secretly suspect that Joy is just a neater person than I am: I hardly make my own bed, and can’t imagine it would occur to me to make someone else’s. And, I don’t know, I don’t think I’d particularly want a guy to fold my clothes, though picking them up off the floor would be nice.

But the thing that impressed me about Joy’s “making the bed” ethic is that it’s a nice gesture–not overtly romantic or clingy or meaningful, just a selfless and sweet thing to do.

I don’t….really do anything nice like that. So I’m curious:

What post-sex gestures do you guys do when sleeping over? Has anyone done anything that really made an impression on you? Let me know!