When talking to HowHookup users, we’ve often heard that they’d like us to do more to be sure that people’s profiles are complete: photo uploaded, basics done, a few dates posted, and some About Me questions answered. We’ve done a lot to improve this situation over the past few weeks. You might not be aware of these new features, because they are very targeted to specific users. Here’s an overview:

New Sign-up Flow

Our ancient original sign up flow has been replaced by a much better experience — high-speed, attractive, click-y modals on top of your homepage. It looks like this:

To-Do Stickies

We’ve added some yellow To-Do sticky note–type things on top of the date stream to guide you through the profile completion process. It’s fun, simple, and quick. We’ve seen a great improvement in profile completion rates from this feature.

Email Reminders

We’ve added much more comprehensive email reminders about what your next move is. On certain days of the week, we send a quick email to give you a heads up – “Time to post a date!” – “No photo = No love!” – “Take 30 seconds to fill out your basics” – and so on.

What’s next? A new profile. I’ve been working with our designers at compop.com, our engineers, and our marketing team to re-conceptualize the online dating profile. Get ready.

If you have thoughts about the profile — what should go in it, what shouldn’t, how it should look, etc — drop me a line at aaron at HowHookup dot com.

Finally, thank you for using HowHookup. Usage has been way higher than ever before in the last month. It’s awesome to watch.

Aaron, Co-Founder, HowHookup

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