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The Love Seat: Meet Egbert (& Take Him By Surprise)

An optimistic cynic, a rustic urban-dweller, a down-to-earth elitist, a guy you should just propose a date to....this California transplant misses easy weather and access to fresh food, but loves NYC and all it has to offer. He's totally hoping for a date proposal that catches his eye. Read the interview and go for it. Propose a date to Egbert here.

How long have you been in New York?
4 years, after 8 years in San Francisco.

What do you do?
I'm an architect, working on starting my own design and strategy agency.

What type of kisser do you like?
Slow and steady.

What quality of yours do you most want people to notice?
Honesty and sensibility.

What's the outfit you want to find your date wearing on a first date?
Something put together, with a little edge.

So like, no khakis?
Well, khakis are coming back, watch out.

So, no mohawks?
Better a mohawk than a faux-hawk. But yes, no mohawks.


We're going to ask people to propose a date to you. What would get your attention?
Anything food related. Something I haven't done before. Something I wouldn't expect but I'd actually want to do.

What's your longest relationship?
Six months.

What are you looking for now?
To break that record.

You're a handsome guy. Does that ever get in the way?
There's always someone prettier.

So you depend on your character?
I'd like to think so.

What's your astrological sign?
Pisces and I have no idea what that means.

Okay. What are you really looking for in a partner?
Someone to talk to. Some companionship. Someone I can trust. Someone who inspires me. I'm someone who values intelligence and talent and being a good person.

Is that hard to find?

What are the obstacles people face? I mean, not just for you, but for people.
Good question. That cuts right down to the chase. In New York it's crazy. Everybody is always looking over someone's shoulder to find something better. I'm guilty of it too. But everyone would rather just be with someone who is awesome. And I guess the trick is stopping for a second and taking in the moment.

Alright, Egbert, you haven't yet proposed a date on HowHookup. What is the date you'd really like to go on?
I find physical environment to be extremely intriguing. I love being in new places. Whether by bike or car or train or plane, experiencing somewhere new is my kind of adventure. Of course, this could mean going to a gallery in town that I've never been to, or a new restaurant, a different part of town, and that would be great, but there's also something exciting about everything around you being different, not just the building you're in.

Propose a date to Egbert here.


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