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Pigeons, Puppies and Perfect Days: The Top 10 Dates Posted On HowHookup This Week

As HowHookup continues to grow, the awesome, creative dates our users are posting just keep getting better and better. Here are the 10 best dates posted on HowHookup this week!

1. What's This Guy Got Against Pigeons?

Besides the fact that they're filthy flying rats, whereas ducks are adorable and feeding them with a date promotes bonding. QUACK!

2. Big Shake, Big Head

Warning: It will be impossible not to hold your straw up to the giant head's mouth and say "I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!" in a Daniel Day-Lewis voice.

3. Campfire Girl

This date some how manages to make eating marshmallow/chocolate sandwiches sound classy. Nice one.

4. The Other Side Of Summer

I love how this date embraces the most annoying things about summer (bugs, burns), as if to say "It's beautiful out and we know it won't last, so, no whining."

5. Winter Dreamin'

On the other hand, sometimes it gets too damn hot and pretending it's winter again for a minute can be a welcome relief. Especially when you walk out of the rink and it's GORGEOUS instead of grey and gross.

6. Shakespeare As Shakespeare Intended

Part historical museum, part theater -- this date will satisfy history buffs and theater nerds alike.

7. Pooch Playdate Picnic

Adorable. Just keep the pups away from the strawberries and champagne.

8. Total Puppy Tease, Dude

Of course, Bsap's right. Puppies, while incredibly cute, will change your life dra -- BUTIWANNAPUPPYNOOOOOW!!!!

9. Show Me Your Snacks

I like how this date flips the script and puts the responsibility on the guy who responds. She has laid down the snack gauntlet. Are you man enough?

10. Oh, It's Such A Perfect Day...

I'm glad I spent it with yoooouuuuu!!! This date IS summer.

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