Meet Shea and Chris. Chris is a firefighter. Shea’s a physician’s assistant. In the ER.

They were two total badasses searching for a badass significant other to complete their badass existence. So, where does one badass meet another?

Over a dead body, of course.

“We met in the ER… we were doing CPR on a patient in cardiac arrest,” Shea casually relayed in a recent interview. “She was essentially dead on arrival, but we attempted life saving measures for about 20 minutes. Chris got puke all over his arm.”

Wait, dead people can puke? How did I not know this?

Anyway. That’s when the symphony swelled, the waves crashed against the rocks, the butterflies fluttered, etc. Chris and Shea knew something was up right away.

“Immediately, once we saw each other there was an intense physical attraction. CPR is a very physical action,” explained Shea, “We were both kind of sweaty, but that was kind of hot.”

The two managed to refrain from tearing each other’s clothes off right then and there and, two weeks later, went on a proper date. An adorable date, actually.

“It was breakfast at a local diner. We both had omlettes.” (I told you. Adorable.)

“We had both been up all night from working the night before, so we were kind of delirious but that made it more fun. We laughed a LOT (I pretty much laughed the whole time). The waitress actually asked us if we were married.”

27 months after that, they were married. And they’re going strong. The secret? Having met in an emergency situation seems to help them keep things in perspective.

“I think we both like intense situations at work, but at home together we are actually really low key. We both enjoy a drama free lifestyle at home, but we are both good at handling high stress situations when necessary.”

Right. Cardiac arrest is an emergency. Leaving the toilet seat up, even for the fourth time in a row, is not.

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