Time Out Chicago recently took to the streets of the Windy City, armed with a pen and a packet of sticky notes, to find out what women want. (The 2000 Mel Gibson movie of the same name, also set in Chicago, was inconclusive.)

Women were asked to write down three things that they’re looking for in a man. This sticky polling led to some pretty interesting conclusions: mainly, women in Chicago are shockingly easy-going. Or have really low-standards. Take your pick.

See, in New York, “penis” would usually be considered a given, freeing up room for “villa on Lake Como” on your wish list.

That’s….it? Tall, facial hair, friendly? I mean, half the HowHookup office meets these qualifications.

My question is: does dark mean, like, swarthy? Or does dark mean “really into his torture instrument collection?”

“Lots of different things,” eh?

Again, can we please live in a world where you don’t have to waste one of three traits you want in a man on “clean fingernails?”

But maybe these Chicago women have the right attitude: they’re not asking for much, and leaving themselves open to be surprised and romanced by a wide variety of guys: funny guys, adventurous guys, foreign guys, bookworm guys, sarcastic guys, older guys, musician guys, nurturing guys, adventurous guys. Sure, some of their qualifications are a little…basic. (A penis.) But these girls aren’t gonna be turning down guys left and right, waiting to find the parrot-loving Swedish chef of their dreams.

It’s definitely something to think about: if you’re one of those girls with a huge list of dream qualities you want in a partner, maybe it’s time to condense the list onto one sticky note?

[Women's Dating Criteria Stickies]

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