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Your Gaydar Gets Sharper When You Ovulate, Says Science

It seems like all kinds of miraculous things happen when women ovulate: lap dancers get more tips, girls get more attention, the sun shines, the birds chirp. Now, there's another freaky bonus to ovulation: your gaydar gets sharper!

According to a new study, heterosexual women who were shown pictures of men were able to more accurately guess their sexuality while ovulating. (The men were pretty uniform in appearance, so it's not like one was Burt Reynolds and another was Elton John, or anything.)

Additionally, women who read "romantic stories" right before looking at the pictures had better gaydar than those who didn't. Something about your body getting mentally primed for, well, mating.

If you're one of those girls who constantly finds herself falling for guys who bat for the other team, try reading a bodice-ripper before heading out to the bar to meet people. It might...sharpen your instincts.


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