Here’s a question: With the gazillion accessible roofs in Manhattan, why do so few of them have anything cool on top? Rooftop bars are one of the better date spots available to mankind. The view of the city, the setting sun, the cool summer breeze — romantic. as. all. hell. Every rooftop should have a bar on it.

Well, the NYC skyline just got at least a little sexier with the addition of the Dream Downtown’s rooftop beach bar. Modeled after a Carribean lounge, the bar is complete with sand, palm trees, and a glass bottomed pool. And… it’s open to the public.

While offering to whisk someone away to Antigua on a first date might come off as more pushy than romantic, the beach bar at the Dream Downtown is the perfect place to get away from yourself for a night and get to know someone new.

Just click the link below to ask some lucky person on the perfect summer date.

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