One of the questions on the HowHookup Dating Profile asks what your “First Date No-Nos” are, and many people seem to think that bringing up an ex is the absolute worst thing you can do on a first date. A recent survey seems to corroborate this: 67% of singles think an ex is the worst thing to mention.

The same survey has a runner-up which can make your date just as uncomfortable: bringing up a medical condition or illness.

Some medical conditions are necessary to bring up right away — this is fine as long as you do it in a relatively composed, casual manner: relay the pertinent details (anything your date NEEDS to know), and change the topic as soon as possible. You can go into it in more detail eventually, but for now, keep it light.

But other, less pressing medical conditions should definitely not come up over dinner or bowling: your IBS, bunions, endometriosis, psoriasis, and/or depression? Save it for a later date — definitely not the first.

(If you’re thinking “Who on earth would bring this up over dinner?”, I know someone whose date once informed her that he had just gotten a hemorrhoid banded. So. It happens.)