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The Love Seat: Meet Jake, Defining Earnest

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Meet Jake, a 30-year-old guy who loves to run around, founded a charter school in Brooklyn, and has lived in NYC for 3 years. You can check out his profile -- and propose a date to him -- here. (But whatever you do, don't block his path on the escalator.)

NYC single guy, HBW dater bkjm

What are five things we should know about you?
Here goes:
1) I'm loyal and reliable.
2) I'm resourceful--I like to try to figure out solutions, and keep at things until they are resolved.
3) It drives me crazy when people stand on the left-hand side of escalators and don't let people walk past. And yet, I'd still describe myself as easy-going.
4) I love to play sports and generally run around outside.
5) I'm always up for an adventure.

What are you looking for in a girl?
I am probably looking for the same things that everyone is looking for in a woman--someone who is smart, easygoing, funny, and always up for an adventure. Ultimately, however, I just want someone that I always looking forward to spending time with.

What quality of yours do you most want people to notice?
I can come off as lighthearted and tend to joke around a lot, but I would want people to notice that I also have a serious side.

What's the outfit you want to find your date wearing on a first date?
I suppose the outfit would depend on the date. I should say, however, that no one would accuse me of being particularly stylish, so I think it would be unfair if I expected anything more from the other person on a first date.

I generally keep an open mind, and tend to get along with most people, so I have very few dealbreakers. I would be wary of someone who is forever on their cell phone sending text messages, checking email, etc...I'm also not a huge fan of emoticons.

We're going to ask people to propose a date to you. What would get your attention?
One of the things that I like most about NYC is that there are always a million different things you could do on any given day and at any given time. So dates that are somehow uniquely of New York would get my attention, as opposed to a date that seems like it could happen in any city across the country.

Intrigued? Propose a date to Jake here.


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