A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Indiana suggests that it’s not the belief that one has “too much lovin’ for one oven” that leads to cheating. According to Science, it’s the opposite — it’s men and women who are insecure due to inability to stay aroused or reach orgasm that are more likely to stray.

Head researcher Kristin Mark says, “People who score high on sexual anxiety may feel less pressure when they’re engaging with a person who doesn’t know their sexual history.”

It’s a decent hypothesis, but have we considered the possibility that people who are unable to stay aroused or reach orgasm with their partners might just be unsatisfied with their partners? Failure to perform sexually, of course, is often because of a medical or psychological condition. But I’d bet dollars to donuts that the number two reason that men lose their erection and women are unable to achieve orgasm is just not being that turned on. The number three reason? I’m gonna go with lack of attention or poor technique on the part of either themselves or their partner.

Now, I’m not saying that sub-par sex is an acceptable reason to cheat, but I do think it’s a more plausible reason for infidelity than “someone else might not know how bad at sex I am.”

What do you guys think? Are cheaters looking to escape the “home court disadvantage,” or are they just not getting the good stuff at home? Or something else entirely?