Glamour ran a post today about “Que: Eau De Barbeque” perfume, which promises to make women smell “like a Louisiana-styled, dry-rubbed pork butt, primed for post-dessert ravishing.” Which is apparently irresistible to men.

The company claims this pork perfume is enough to attract scores of men, and essential for first dates. While I’m skeptical of the efficacy of this particular pork perfume, I don’t for one second doubt the power of scent in attraction. Mainly because I have fallen victim to one particular scent many, many, times.

This is Curve for Men.

According to the website, it’s “a super masculine blend of invigorating green notes, smooth spices, and woods. Designed for a man who lives on the edge: sharp, ambitious, magnetic. His fragrance is the last thing you notice. But you can tell girls like it.”

In truth, it’s a cheesy $25 cologne available for purchase at drug stores, and usually favored by 15 year old boys than men who “live on the edge,” but the website got one thing right: girls like it.

So enticing is the smell of Curve For Men that I have been in an elevator and demanded to know: “Is SOMEONE here wearing Curve For Men?”, at which point the feeble 60 year-old janitor will nod, and I will smile at him and bat my eyelashes. I have been walking down the street, and forced to stop dead in my tracks and swivel around, looking longingly at the Curve-wearing kid who has just skateboarded past me, leaving a waft of scent in the air.

So powerful is the allure of Curve For Men that I have friends who are seriously incapable of walking by it at CVS without being tempted to purchase a little sample and spray their pillow.

So bewitching is the scene of Curve For Men that after I recommend it to my skeptic guy friends, they will text me “Holy shit, you were right” after experiencing the effect of merely walking down the street in Curve.

It’s cheap and it’s strong and you won’t find it at Sephora, but I’d be willing to bet big money on the power of Curve. It’s irresistible.

If “Eau De Que” has even half of that affect on men, then bring on the bacon.