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Picking Up The Tab: Can The Waitstaff Ruin Your Date?

The Gloss posted an interesting piece today on one of modern dating's most controversial questions. As far as we may have come in terms of equality between the sexes, there is one particular issue that continues to throw a old-timey wrench into the works of our modern sensibilities- Who should pay for dinner?

We’ve covered the question of gender-bias in picking up the tab before and suggested a number of ways to make it less of an issue on a date. There was however, one factor that hadn’t occurred to us -- one that is beyond any of our control: The behavior of the waitstaff.

An essay by Jillian Lucas on The Gloss today pointed out that, though a couple on a date may have their own, agreed upon way of dealing with the check, the gender bias of the waitstaff can make the situation even more awkward.

Lucas related a story in which a waitress not only handed the check to her boyfriend at the end of the meal, but said “Here you go, sir,” as she did so. In this day and age, this assumption is unfair and potentially embarrassing for both men and women.

So, here is our plea to waitstaff across the land: If a couple seems to be on a date, just put the check in the middle of the table. That way, if either party wants to spring for it, they can, but no one is expected to.

It’s not just better service, folks. It’s the right thing to do.

[The Gloss]

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