Let’s not get into another boring “what’s really art?” conversation and keep the discussion to “what’s really awesome?”

I’ll start: Pro sports posters from the 80s.

From Jose Canseco to Patrick Ewing, pro-athletes of the 1980s got the rock star treatment — which often meant photo shoots with makeup, pyrotechnics, vinyl pants and chains. These posters are relics of a bygone, more innocent era when being able to throw a football gave you full license to dress up as a civil war general.

At least one LES art gallery is recognizing these treasures as “capital A” art. For The Kids, an exhibition of rare sports posters from 1986-1990 is on display at Salon 94 Freemans through the end of July.

Combining high brow with low brow, sports with art, and history with hilarity, this show already makes for a great date. Add in the fact the Freemans Restaurant is right next door and you’re close to perfection. With delicious comfort food, signature drinks and a taxidermy-filled environment, Freemans is the perfect place for you and your date to discuss the cultural significance of Eric Davis’ giant baseball-shooting handgun. Or just laugh your asses over a couple of “Iron Maidens.”

Into it? Click the link below and find someone to go with.

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