Here’s the latest entry into the “Why Men Cheat,” debate — Hugo Schwyzer at The Good Men project suggests that men will often cheat in order to gain status with their male peers. In other words, cheating is seen as “cool,” in bro-circles.

Schwyzer is writing in response to a recent article in Marie Claire, which exposed the cheaty underbelly of bachelor parties. Apparently, getting wasted and getting a lap dance isn’t enough anymore — today’s stag parties involve “Sexual Scavenger Hunts,” in which participants earn points for having full-on intercourse with strippers and other sexual activities. According to one particular bachelor’s account, neither marriage nor a committed relationship had any bearing on a player’s score.

But is this kind of competition enough to make an otherwise loyal man stray? Or is one- upmanship and score-keeping simply an excuse for guys to do what they want to do anyway?

[The Good Men Project]

What do you think? Does one-upmanship cause infidelity? Or would men cheat no matter what?

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