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Vocab Lessons: Are You Fluent In "Man?"

Cosmopolitan has a new quiz that lets you determine how good you are at translating man-speak. The good news: if you've ever seen a romantic comedy, you can probably correctly guess every single answer by simply clicking the most cliched and cynical option available. The bad news: if this quiz is any indicator of how women actually think men think, then women are just as insecure, judgmental, and suspicious as the men are portrayed shifty, lascivious, and disingenuous.

For example, here's one of the questions.

The trick to correctly translating man is to choose the worst possible option. Remember: men are incapable of ever being straightforward. They are always trying to trick women into thinking they are saying something nice, when they never, ever are.

Of course a guy's mother will always hate his girlfriend.

Ready to try another? Okay. innocuous comment? Never!

In ManSpeak, look for ways he is insinuating a woman is insane or hysterical. It's what he's always thinking.

One more? Okay!

Does he think your friend is great because he's so happy he's dating a girl with such chill friends whom he actually enjoys hanging out with? Don't be naive.

A guy is always secretly lusting after another girl. Women have every reason to constantly be vigilant -- and insecure.

You see? Speaking man is not difficult. Just never trust a compliment, and look for the hidden insult in everything he says!

Cosmopolitan, via The Hairpin

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