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Sh*t My Date Said

When you’re on a date, you should stay open. You shouldn’t judge your date on just one statement that they happen to make. You should give them the benefit of the doubt. Certain statements, however, make this really hard to do.

It’s amazing how, as complex and nuanced as a date might be, one quote taken out of context can pretty accurately sum up your whole night. Such is the case with the potent quotables on my new favorite Tumblr, Things My Date Said To Me. It’s like Sh*t My Dad Says, but for dating!

Here’s a few favorites:

“I was in the Navy for six years... I know a prostitute when I see one.”

“I’m a big fan of Dick in a Box.”

“I like my women as I like my suits, double-breasted with a slim silhouette.”

“For my 30th birthday, I hired three midgets.”

Real guys? Said these things? On dates? Come on.

Can any women confirm this? Is this really what it's like out there?

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