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The Love Seat: Meet Elyse (only the tall need apply)

As publicist to some of the best-known children's book authors, Elyse is used to arranging interviews and asking questions, not answering them. She also happens to be one of the coolest women I know in New York. Whether she's throwing fabulous parties, cheering for London in the World Cup, or running a charity 5K, this 29-year-old is good company and a great friend. Elyse sits on the Love Seat this week.

What kind of men do you date?
The only consistent thing about the men I date is that they're as tall if not taller than me. I'm 5'8". Other than that, the guys I date vary in age, race, and lifestyle. I have no one type, which can be challenging.

What else do you look for then?
Personality, passion, and intelligence mean so much to me, that there's a connection, an engaging conversation.

Any age limits?
Oldest I'd date is 40, youngest is 27.

Since you're in publishing, I have to ask, what is a book you'd want your date to like?
Since I work in children's books, I'm going to say The Chronicles of Narnia. Those books transported me to another world. When I read them as a child, I loved them.

What's a turn-off for you?
Someone who doesn't have a passport.

What are your thoughts on going dutch?
I always offer to pay for dates. It's actually a very American thing for the guy to pay on a first date. I lived in London for five years, where men and women typically split the check. Of course, now I'm used to it. There is something romantic about a guy paying, it's like when he holds doors open or carries my bags.

Do you have a first date spot?
No, I always let them choose. It tells me something about them.

That's a lot of pressure.
If you can't deal with picking out a place for our first date, it's probably not going to work out... A big part of my work life is organizing other people's lives. It's nice to have other people arrange the details.

How do you handle the first kiss?
I like a little build up into the first kiss, the whole "is it gonna happen, isn't it gonna happen" feeling. If I like a guy, then all I think about is how much I want to kiss them. I hope the same can be said of the reverse.

What kind of dates do you like to go on?
I like to dress up and go out, but I'm also active. I like to bike and run. In general, I'm a city chick, but I need to be reminded of what space or having a backyard is like, that's when I go visit my parents [in New Jersey].

Last question, what is your ideal HowHookup date?
Go to an outdoor concert. There's a great concert series every summer in Prospect Park called Celebrate Brooklyn. Pack a picnic basket and pop open a bottle of wine.

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