The New Yorker published an extremely in-depth article on online dating this week. (Yep, HowHookup is mentioned!) The article carefully details the history of online dating, from its beginnings in the 60s, through its evolution to what we know today. But as interesting as this history was, one sentence in particular stuck out as especially pertinent to those of us who are actually using the sites:

“‘Internet dating’ is a bit of a misnomer. You don’t date online, you meet people online. It’s a search mechanism.”

Despite it’s nearly 60-year history, the perception of online dating can still be that of people spending hours on their computer, lit only by the glow of the screen, talking to strangers on the internet. Sure, there are people in the world who do that: but they’re not dating.

As much as dating services have changed over the years, the definition of dating has not: it still means going out with someone in person.

When you’re using a dating site such as HowHookup, you’re not dating yet — you’re looking through our pool of people to find someone. As soon as you find someone you think you might like, get offline and go out.

The online part is just there to help you look: the rest happens in person.

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