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Love Means Paying To Have Someone Else Say You're Sorry

Face it. You screwed up.

You stood up the one guy you’ve actually liked in 2 years. Idiot.

You said you were visiting your parents that weekend, then got tagged in Facebook pics of you out with another girl. Douche.

You feel really bad. But, guess what? Feeling bad isn’t helping anyone, least of all the person you hurt/disappointed/pissed off. You need to make it right.

But what the hell do you say? “I’m sorry” is a good start, but when he got a sext from you that referenced a rendezvous the two of you never had, it’s really only a start. It may be time to call in the professionals.

ShameBeGone is a new service that finds the right words for you when shame (or pride) has tied your tongue. You tell them your situation and how much you’re willing to pay to fix it and they draft an apology for you to send to the person you’ve wronged. All better.

It seems a little deceptive, sure, but if it gets the job done and everyone ends up feeling better, can we really say that ShameBeGone’s services are a bad thing? After all, if you weren’t really sorry, you wouldn’t have paid good money to get someone to apologize for you, right?

Well. I guess if you were really sorry, you’d know why you were sorry. But not all of us are poets and neither are masterful apologists. Some of us might need a little help, if we’re not going to just make things worse. Besides, ShameBeGone guarantees your privacy, so at least you never have to worry about anyone finding out.

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