Here’s a “Meet The Parents” story to bookmark for the next time you’re needlessly worried about introducing your significant other to your folks. This poor girl had basically everything working against her in terms of parent-partner relationship: her Dad is a super religious family man, her boyfriend (whom she met on Craigslist) is a nudist-loving ex-rocker who doesn’t believe in God or marriage.

Don’t worry, though — the two guys do have some things in common. Like, their age. And the fact that she calls them both by the same nicknames: “Pops,” “Dad Bear,” “Daddy” and “Sir.” (You see? Your situation can’t possibly as intense as that!)

After 5 years of avoiding the clash, Dad Bear Senior flew to San Francisco to meet Dad Bear Number 2.

You’ll have to read to see what happens, but the bottom line is this: you can find someone the polar opposite of who your parents would want you to date. They may not be thrilled, they may even initially disapprove. But as long as you remain steadfast and hold you’re ground, they’ll probably come around in the long-run.

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