Any experienced dater knows that each occupation, lifestyle or subculture that one identifies with comes with its own particularities. They might be endearing. They might be annoying. But they’re not going away and no matter who you choose to date, they’re going to be a person who does something. Knowing, as they say, is half the battle, and you’re better off going in armed.

If you happen to be dating a freelance writer, Stephanie Georgopulos over at Thought Catalog has got you covered. And this is knowledge you’re going to need, friend.

It’s worth reading the whole piece, but the gist can be broken down into pros and cons. As anyone who’s been romantically involved with this subset knows, it’s often hard to distinguish between the two.


- Passion
- Free time
- Spontaneity
- Attention to detail
- Won’t take comforts for granted
- Used to rejection


- Writer’s Block
- Listlessness
- Inspiration can strike at any time and MUST BE SEIZED AT ALL COSTS
- Every detail of your lives together is potential “material”
- Often broke
- Expected rejection

Sometimes you’ll be the muse, sometimes you’ll be the obstacle depending on how the work is going, but you probably won’t be bored. If your commitment to Sunday nights cuddled up in front HBO original programming outweighs your attraction to the unknown, then a freelance writer may not be for you. But if you get satisfaction from being “the rock,” yet know how to be flexible, you might just be able to hang until that book deal comes through.

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