I’ve noticed a disturbing trend on some guys’ profiles on HowHookup: using the adjective “beautiful” to describe their ideal woman.

For example:

My Ideal Sunday: Sipping iced coffee and reading the paper with a beautiful woman.

I Want To Come Home To: A beautiful woman and my dog, Charlie.

Take a moment and picture your dream guy or girl: they’re pretty attractive, right? Maybe even out-of-your-league unattainable? This is because, in general, we tend to be attracted to, well, attractive people. It’s human nature. There’s no need to state the obvious in your profile.

Specifying that you want to picture yourself with someone “beautiful” makes you seem cheesy at best, and shallow at worst. Like, that’s the first and most important descriptor you can think of for a woman?

What do you guys think: am I overreacting, or is “beautiful” the wrong adjective to use in a profile?

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