Shy daters, use this holiday weekend to boost your confidence with these five easy steps!

1. Hit The Gym!

It’s not just about looking good on the beach — exercising releases endorphins which combat stress and provides mood enhancement. When was the last time you were attracted to someone who was in a bad mood? Moreover, when was the last time you were attracted to someone while in a bad mood? If you’re loath to spend a summer weekend indoors, get your exercise on in other ways: a game of frisbee, a jog through the park, kayaking, anything.

You’ll feel way hotter and more accomplished if you get out and get active because, let’s face it, it’s hard to feel sexy whily lying on the couch.

2. Pick-up an old hobby.

You know how you used to paint/play guitar/write poetry/make sculptures out of butter before you just got too busy? Find that old hobby, the one that made you feel awesome and creative and fulfilled, and use the three-day weekend to dust off your skills. You’ll feel pretty damn good about yourself once you realize you still got it, and it will be something to bring up in conversation with any potential dates you meet.

3. A Beach Ball

This sounds totally asinine right? Try it out, and you’ll be changing your tune on Tuesday. Wherever you go this weekend — the beach, the park, an outdoor movie screening, a concert, a waterfront picnic — bring a beachball, and just throw it in the air.

Fact about Americans: none of us can resist a beach ball. You’ll get everyone throwing it around in no time, and it’s a great icebreaker for the cute group on the picnic blankets next to yours.

4. Give Yourself An Attainable Goal

Having a goal and accomplishing it makes everyone feel more confident. If you find yourself at a party or crowded bar this weekend, dare yourself to strike up a conversation with 5 strangers. You don’t have to pick them up; you don’t even have to be interested in them. But you do have to say something. It can be as simple as raising your glass with a friendly “Happy Fourth!” The point is just for you to learn that people don’t bite, and as long as you aren’t coming on to them too hard, most people want to make friends while they’re out. It will make you way less intimidated about approaching someone once you actually are interested.

5. Stop Worrying About “Picking Someone Up.”

The second your start fixating on pulling, your weekend is ruined: you’ll spend every activity nervously looking around and concentrating too hard on your “game” (or lack thereof.) The only thing you should worry your pretty little head about from now until Tuesday morning is having fun. Seriously! Meet as many people as possible, and try to have the best time ever. Because people having a good time? That is confident and sexy.