Know what makes a great date? Spontaneity. Know what makes a terrible date? Not planning. It’s one of the great paradoxes of dating (and probably life in general): you have to plan to be spontaneous.

Picture this: Phase One of the date has gone smashingly. You and your new really-quite-possibly potential love interest bonded over Turkish coffee and rapid-fire insights. It’s still light out so you decide to take a walk and continue getting to know each other. You stroll for a spell and, exhausted from all of those sparks flying, find a cozy spot to sit under cover of a willow tree.

It’s prime first kiss real estate. All you have to do is sit there and let chemistry work. Except that neither of you have eaten since breakfast and it’s now it’s nearly 4pm. You suddenly realize you’re starving. Do you risk cranky downtown wandering only to end up with a sub-par slice and a ruined moment?

Well, now there’s a downtown delivery service to help get you out of this pickle (pickles, ironically are part of the solution).[UrbanDaddy]

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