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Poll: What’s The Best Shirt For Guys To Wear On A Date?

It’s tempting to think that guys have it easier when it comes to dressing for a date: after all, it’s probably going to be some variation of “shirt and pants.” But choosing the right shirt? That can be agonizing.

Perhaps because the choice between t-shirt (too casual?) and button-down (too formal?) is a difficult one, many guys have fallen into a pattern of choosing what, for them, is the safest option: the polo shirt.

One guy recently took to tumblr to vent about this very phenomenon:

“My girlfriend took me out for my birthday this weekend to a show at Radio City Music Hall, dinner at a 126-year-old steakhouse and drinks at a vintage cocktail bar.

We both dressed up for a night on the town. And I found myself in a sea of men in similar situations with stunning dates, except for one thing. They were almost all wearing polo shirts. Every place we went to.

‘When did the polo shirt become the proper attire for a date night?’ We asked each other.”

Interesting question, Peter! We’re turning to our ever-savvy readers to help answer it. Are polo shirts the best attire for dates? Or are guys merely choosing them because they’re easy to wear and a “safe” option?

Take our poll below and let us know!


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