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The Love Seat: Meet Jonathan

Meet Jonathan, a 46-year-old New Yorker who likes his dates to have a good sense of humor and irony. You can check out his profile and propose a date to him here.

How long have you been in New-York?
Actually I was born in NYC and I grew up here.

What do you do?
I'm a law professor.

Let's talk about dating now, what are turn ons for you?

A woman's smell, walk and provocative glance ... and, oh yeah, a good sense of humor and irony and intelligence.

And the turn offs?
Social conservativism.

What is your ideal first date that is under $20?
Exploring the western coast of Brooklyn (or even Governor's Island or Manhattan or upstate) on foot or bike with alternating café and bar breaks.

And now an ideal first date that is over $2K?
Same as the $20 date, but move the exploration to the western coast of Turkey. If it could inspire Achilles and Odysseus to chase the face that would launch a thousand ships, western Turkey might even rival Brooklyn's western coast, the place that gave early inspiration to Whitman.

What's one thing on your "bucket list"?
Only one thing left on my bucket list - mutual, eternal love and dying simultaneously and instantaneously at the peak of our love. Anything short of that would be tragedy.

And one thing on your "fuck-it list"? (Something that you don't need/want to do before you die...)
Talk on the phone for extended periods (it would take a very rare woman to make me comfortable on the phone for any extended length of time).
As an "evilitarian", I am currently precluded from eating anything that hasn't been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to have been "evil" in its own lifetime. Most of my friends, however, are meat eaters, so I'm very comfortable in bistros, and I'm assuming I'll revisit my dietary habits many times again.

Intuition or Analysis? Intuition

Romance or Realism? Romance

Ponds or Rivers? Rivers

Football or Baseball? Tennis

Honesty or Irony? Irony

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