I went on a HowHookup date this weekend, and was date bombed. This has happened to me before, but never on a first date. It really did ruin the whole afternoon!

Date Bomb: verb. Much like a photo bomb, a date bomb is when an unwelcome third party crashes your date.

Date bombing can take many forms: a run-in with an acquaintance who doesn’t know you’re on a date, for instance, or a chatty waitress who won’t leave you alone. On Saturday, my date bomb consisted of a super drunk bar patron, who no less than ten minutes into the date decided to swoop down on us with his inebriated musings on love, life, and American independence. (Seriously, the dude had a Revolutionary War hero whom we heard about four separate times.)

It’s not unusual for someone at a bar to make him or herself obnoxious, but when the guy didn’t let up after 20 minutes, I began to get annoyed. At one point, the bartender made his way over and tried to shoo the garrulous drunkard away, but he would not be persuaded.

“I don’t suppose you smoke?” My date asked. I don’t, but I went outside anyway for 5 minutes of uninterrupted conversation. But it was awkward — nearly an hour after having met, we hadn’t progressed far beyond the initial stages of first-date small talk. When we went back inside, the drunk guy was upon us once again.

Looking back on it, we probably should have just left the bar. Instead, my infinitely patient date kept nodding at the drunk guy while I entertained myself by giving dating tips to the bartender.

Whether or not my date was actually interested in the guy’s conversation or just doing it out of politeness was unclear (at one point he interrupted my conversation with the bartender to ask for a pen) but one thing was certain: three is a crowd when it comes to a date.

One hour and fifty minutes after I first got to the bar, the date bomber finally left — but by then it was time for me to go, too.

My date apologized and offered to take me out to dinner — a make-up first date, if you will, since the first one was effectively ruined.

Have you guys ever been date bombed yourselves? How do you ward against it? (Enlisting the bartender’s help didn’t work for us!)