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The Love Seat: Meet George

This 26-year-old bank investigator and native New Yorker loves food, a good hemline, and spontaneous women. Be prepared to have fun and laugh tons. Propose a date to George here.

What are your thoughts on dating in New York?
I think the experience is the fun part, the general outcome is a plus or minus, but the date itself is usually fun.

Where do you typically take dates?
I like places with a lot of energy. A place where we can talk, but isn't dead. I don't take my dates to clubs until later, I don't want to project a certain type, y' know, "that guy."

What kind of women are you attracted to?
I like women that are adventurous. Someone who doesn't just sit on their ass, someone who doesn't just say what she'd like to do, but actually goes out and does it. Someone who might wake up on a Saturday and be like, `Let's go skydiving.' ... Okay, that may be a little extreme, but skydiving is on my wish list.

What do you notice first about a woman?
The way a girl dresses. My dad was a tailor for 20 years, so I learned a lot about clothing. I have girl friends who are also into fashion. I've been trained to notice how they dress what they choose to wear. It's also about how they carry themselves.

I'm impressed. Women often try so hard to achieve the perfect date outfit. How do you let them know?
I usually compliment the fit of the pants or comment on a flattering color. I don't overdo it, just something to let them know I'm paying attention.

And how is this received?
The ladies appreciate it. I've gotten a range from "Are you gay?" to a big smile and "Oh you like this?" It has worked well for the most part.

Since you're so knowledgeable, I'm curious, how do you dress for dates?
I fall into trends, unfortunately. For dates I usually wear jeans and a button-up. I love attention, so will always try to wear one thing that stands out.

Like what?
Wearing pinks, purples, or bright colors. Funky shoes. Custom suits.

So, moving from your exterior to interior, how much do you reveal about yourself on a first date?
It depends on the girl. If she's open, then there are no limits. If she's a closed person, I won't make her feel uncomfortable. I might try to bring you out of your shell and may cross the line once to do it, but then won't cross it again... Unless, you're out with me past 2:30 a.m. If we've been drinking all evening and you're with me past 2:30 a.m., then deal with whatever is said at that point.

How do you feel about kissing on a first date?
I always try. I believe it was Roberto Clemente who said, "You gotta swing the stick to get a hit."

Haha. So tell me, how you do this? Any advice for guys?
Share a corner of the table, sitting adjacent to the girl. Never sit across from people, it's more of a combative position - it's true for job interviews as it is for dates.

Also, I never go for the first kiss at the end of the date - it's too predictable and awkward. I don't want that, dates are supposed to be fun. I like to kiss mid-date, when transitioning from one location to another.

What's your ideal HowHookup date?
The one that leads to a second date.


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