Yep. It’s International Kissing Day. It started in Britain, but eventually made it’s way to our shores. Not that we lusty Americans need an excuse to “snog,” but, you know, now we have one.

So get out there and plant one somebody you love. Or somebody you like. Or somebody you barely know. IT’S INTERNATIONAL KISSING DAY!!!

Anyway, in honor of this most peckable day, we’ve rounded up all of our favorite kissing content from this site and around the web. Enjoy!

How does kissing work? Why do we do it anyway? Check out the best movie kiss ever? (Movieline)

Definitely not the best kiss ever, but it is the longest.

Can’t find anyone to kiss IRL? Try the Virtual French Kissing Machine (except don’t really, because it’s just a prototype and also gross)!

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