I love how women are constantly portrayed as sneaky and game-playing, when it turns out that men are the ones putting us through secret love tests we don’t even know we’re taking.

According to Glamour, men are constantly devising little tests and tricks to figure out whether their dates are really worthy of them.

Examples of these tricks include:

-Listening to Nickleback as a joke to see if the girl realizes he’s kidding.

-Dragging her to a gun range and seeing how she reacts.

-Taking her to a restaurant where the waitstaff is a little “rough around the edges” and making sure she doesn’t complain.

Pretty devious, actually! All these things (Nickleback, gun range, two-star restaurant) seem like sort of normal guy behavior — it would never occur to me that any of this was a test for my reaction.

Now, I will admit, I have done some sneaky relationship stuff in my day. I’ve read private emails. I’ve stalked. I may have even purposefully tried to make someone jealous.

But putting a guy in a situation just to see how he’d react? Nope. I’m officially saner than that. (Cause a test is worse than reading emails, right? ….right?)

Have you guys ever put your girlfriend or boyfriend through a secret test like this? Or suspect you yourself have been put through one? Let us know!


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