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Will This App Help My Love Life: Google+

Whenever a new social media app launches, it's extremely important to immediately assess how useful the new product will be to your love life. This week, we explore Google + to see if it could provide any positive contributions to our dating lives.

What It Is:

Google+ is a swanky new invitation-only site which allows you to interact with people in a variety of different ways. You can put them in circles...

and join people in "hang-outs".

That means that if someone you know is hanging out with a few of his or her friends, you can join in and video conference with all of them simultaneously.

Dating Possibilities:

A "hangout" seems like it would be a great way to meet friends of friends -- it's the somewhat geeky equivalent of going to a party with someone. You see your co-worker is hanging out with 5 of his buddies, so you join the group and "hang out" with them.

Because Google+ is so new and relatively few people have access to it, it isn't weird to hang out with people you maybe wouldn't otherwise chat with. You'd never gChat your roommate's friend on a normal basis, but with Google+ it suddenly becomes okay to interact with mere acquaintances because everyone is just eager to test the program out. This means that it's easy and not-awkward to rapidly expand your social horizons. Additionally, virtual hangouts aren't confined by geographic location. So you can hang out (and introduce) two of your friends in California -- and they can easily introduce you too anyone they know in New York.

Because so many of the interactions involve video-chatting, the program allows for a middle step between meeting someone online and meeting them in person -- it's a little less awkward to meet someone in person after you've both seen what the other looks and sounds like.

Possible Downsides:

As of right now, Google+ is predominately male. Great for the female or gay early adopter, but definitely not a place for tech guys to pick up chicks.

Also, once there are more users, people will be more likely to revert to their usual social groups, which might make meeting new people more difficult than it is right now.


Despite the gender bias and possible pitfalls, Google+ seems like an awesome and easy way to meet new people! Just make sure to get offline eventually.


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