Ah, canines. Wonderful creatures, those. They’re loyal, trusting, kind, and, best of all, really useful for your dating life.

Dan Seitz over at Guyspeak wrote a post explaining why the best wingmen on the planet have four legs and a very wet nose.

One of the most compelling reasons is that dogs break the ice. Unlike humans, dogs are always willing to run up to someone you’re interested it and introduce you. They’re clever about it, too: they seem to know that bounding up to someone and wagging their tail is way more effective than an awkward “Hey… see my friend over there?”

If you have a cute dog, you’ll find that people are almost physically incapable of commenting as soon as you get in an elevator, walk by a bench, or go to a cafe with your dog. And again, unlike their human counterparts, dogs are never awkward or bad at their wingmaning job: they’ll never say the wrong thing, or act too stiff, or even get tired and want to go home before you do. And while someone might prefer your dog over you, your dog will never prefer anyone over you: ultimate wingmaning loyalty.

For more reasons why dogs make amazing wingmen, check out the rest of the GuySpeak article.

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