So you’ve messaged someone and they were intrigued enough to message you back. Congratulations! Now what the heck do you do?

The second message is as important as the first. The pressure is off a bit because you know they’re interested, but don’t get too cocky, Casanova. Here are a couple things to keep in mind:

Sign your name (if you haven’t already).

At this point, the other person will want to call you something besides your screen name, and giving your first name shows that you’re actually interested.

Remember to ask open-ended questions.
In your first message, you should have asked a conversation-starting question. If they’ve responded, bounce off of that. Open ended questions give your potential date an easy opportunity to respond and keep the conversation going.

Ask them out!
You’ve expressed interest, they’ve expressed interest — it’s time to start going about setting a date and time. This may take a couple of back-and-forths to lock down, but if you wait too long to start the process, you risk a fizzle-out.

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