Yesterday, we got a lot of comments on our post, “Is It Shallow To Judge People On Grammar,” (many of them pointing out gramatical errors within the post — yikes! Ahem, just keeping you on your toes, guys!).

While the majority of people on Twitter and Facebook seemed to think that, no, it’s not at all shallow, we did get a few people who described being picky about grammar with another adjective: classist.

“I think the issue is that grammar and speaking relates to class. If people really DID all have the same education, and grew up with people who used correct grammar, then maybe I would judge, but some people just didn’t have that (myself included- we NEVER studied grammar in school beyond “that’s a noun”) Even if the judging comes from a place of being annoyed, it reflects on the judger as being classist.” -Rachel Graham, on Facebook

And commenting on the actual post, “Andy” took it even further:

“It’s more than shallow, it’s classist, imperialist and ableist. There’s no objective assessment of ‘correct grammar’, objectively, writing ‘ur’ instead of ‘you’re’ is not incorrect, the message sent is the same and it’s understood in the same way by the reader/recipient….

I also have a theory that an overconcern with grammar is a sign of anxiety over one’s intellectual prowess – because why would you feel the need to make others feel like they’re more stupid than you are if you didn’t secretly believe it’s the other way around? But, of course, that’s just a personal theory and probably has very little basis in reality.”

What do you think? Is judging people based on their way of writing classist, shallow, or perfectly acceptable?

[Is It Shallow To Judge People On Grammar?]