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DateCam: Meet Tonight's Daters!

Editor's note, 10 p.m. ET: That's a wrap! A huge thanks to everyone who joined us tonight -- stay tuned for the followup from our daters tomorrow, and let us know if you'd like to be considered for a future DateCam.

Tonight, these two singles are meeting for the first time -- live, on camera. Tune right here at 8 p.m. EST to see how real people act on real dates.

The Details

Who: James, 23, and Stephanie, 22
Where: Madame Geneva in NoHo
When: 8:00 pm ET

They'll be a live chat room alongside the livestream so we can size-up their date as they size-up one another (and we get the anonymous veil of the Internet!). The HowHookup team will be online chatting -- join us.

UPDATE: Just to clear up any misconceptions -- we're picking up the tab, but James and Stephanie are not being compensated (financially or otherwise). Their only reward? A shot at love.

Meet James, 23

From his HowHookup Profile:
My Life History In 5 Sentences Or Fewer: Was really into science as a kid. Still am but chose to pursue acting. Currently questioning whether I want that lifestyle. Love New York. Hate cockroaches.

Ideal Sunday: Waking up around 9, getting breakfast, going to see a movie, getting lunch, going home and playing some video games, maybe taking a nap, going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, going and seeing another movie or some great theatre, going dancing or just getting drinks, getting home around midnight or 1.

Obscure Knowledge I Possess: I possess: Star Wars trivia.

I Have A Weakness For Girls Who: Have crazy cool eyes. You know, like Alexis Bledel? Also if a girl starts talking about video games I just fall in love immediately.

Meet Stephanie, 21

From her HowHookup Profile:
Life History In 5 Sentences Or Fewer: I'm awful at self-bragging or telling my life history in less than 5 sentences. I grew up and go to school in Upstate NY where I study Anthropology and English. I dance, play tennis and LOVE running. I have an amazing family and I don't know where I would be today without them. I'm a big klutz who hopes to move to the city next summer to hopefully have more interesting things to put in my life history!

Ideal Sunday: Usually it would be a quiet day at home, but since being in the city, I hate wasting a day inside! I usually walk up to Union Square or enjoy wandering in Soho. I live downtown so it's nice having all of that right near me.

Obscure Knowledge I Possess: I have a weird obsession with Law & Order: SVU so I could probably pick up on the smallest reference from an episode or the detectives lives.

I Have A Weakness For Guys Who: Are smart, smell amazing, and are extremely easy to talk to (or appreciates my awkwardness and can put me at ease).

A Story You Should Remind Me To Tell You On Our First Date: Probably anything from when I studied abroad. I have some really funny stories about some of the places I went (especially Prague).

The Venue

James and Stephanie will be meeting tonight at Madam Geneva Speakeasy in NoHo for gin cocktails and pork buns.The sultry lounge is replete with dark corners and plush booths, which, along with the out of this world cocktails, make it an ideal location to meet someone for a date.

Want to watch their date? Tune in to the HowHookup Date Cam at 8:00 pm ET.

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