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LIVESTREAM TONIGHT: Watch a Real Couple on a Real Blind Date

Editor's note, 10 p.m. ET: That's a wrap! A huge thanks to everyone who joined us tonight -- stay tuned for the followup from our daters tomorrow, and let us know if you'd like to be considered for a future DateCam.

Update: Read The Dater's Recap Of The Date

Scientists have long been taking advantage of streaming camera technology to better understand animals in the wild. (See: Decorah Eagles, NYU Hawk Cam.) Now, we're going to use technology to help us better understand dating in the wild.

Tonight: James and Stephanie are going on a blind date, and we're livestreaming it right here.

What do people do on dates? How does the conversation start? How do people handle awkward moments? How does it all unfold?

To answer these questions (and, honestly, to engage in some good ol'fashioned voyeurism) we're sending real couples out on dates and livestreaming it on the internet.

UPDATE: Just to clear up any misconceptions -- we're picking up the tab, but James and Stephanie are not being compensated (financially or otherwise). Their only reward? A shot at love.

How It Works:

We've picked two people who we think would work well together, and told them where and when they're meeting. Then, we'll set up a webcam at the table, and (with their full knowledge, of course) will be Livestreaming it right here.

Tune In!

The first DateCam Date will be tonight at 8 pm, from Madam Geneva bar in New York. (Meet the daters here.)

Tune in here to watch it unfold, and chat with us!

So, tonight, July 11th, at 8 pm. It's a date!

The Date Report is the companion blog to, a dating site that makes it fun and easy to go on awesome dates. How it works: 1) Invent fun dates. 2) Ask people out. 3) Do something awesome, together. Sign up for free here. Don't forget to join us on Twitter and Facebook -- and download our brand-new app here!


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