I spent a good part of my Sunday night Skyping with my good friend in LA. (What? That’s a cool thing to do.)

My friend started telling me about a mutual friend’s Fourth of July. “He spent all weekend cupcaking with his new girlfriend up in Santa Barbara.”

Cupcaking??? That’s a new one.

Cupcaking: verb. Origin: California. To hole up with someone, hold hands, whispering sweet nothings to each other, etc.

A Google search informs me that this term is mostly used in Northern California, and while obviously usage has trickled down to SoCal, it hasn’t made its way yet to New York. (At least, none of my friends had heard of it.)

But this might seriously be my favorite vocab word ever, and one that I will definitely start using. While the term seems to be most often used with derision to describe couples in the annoying “mushy” stage of love, I actually think it’s kind of…cute? Like, I want to find someone to cupcake with. Awww.

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