It seems that every time I turn on the internet these days, some celebrity is “quietly dating” someone. Am I the only person who finds this term ridiculous?

For example, there is much speculation that Drake and Rihanna are “quietly dating.” What would that even mean? Holing up with their college sweatshirts and Chinese delivery like in the “What’s My Name” video? Study dates at the library? Hanging out at the local daycare around naptime? Does Drake still live with his parents and Rihanna has to sneak in through the window after they fall asleep? (That’s cute to think about, right?)

“Quietly dating” may imply that two celebrities are in a pre-exclusive relationship which would be difficult to explain to the press. Maybe they’re dating multiple people and fear some kid on twitter blowing up their spot.

For now, usage of the term is reserved for giving the old celebrity rumor mill a nudge on slow news weeks, but we may soon see “quietly dating” sneak its way into our dating vernacular.

In any case, “quietly dating” is one of those terms that no one would ever use to describe themselves. You know, like “hot to trot” or “hipster.”